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your home is your castle

There are three categories of buildings, each filling a specific role in game play, these are External walls, Village buildings and Castle buildings each following the tiered progression of the banner.



External Walls

This building type is used to encompass the players base, and section certain areas off. This is the first line of defense against raiders and stops any enemy players being able to easily enter the players claimed area. 


As the player progresses through the tiers and upgrades their external walls, they will increase in size and strength as well as unlocking optional upgrades. 

these upgrades include things such as arrow loops, gates, murder holes, oil pots and much more. 


Village Buildings

This building type consists of prefab buildings that are used to access the workers and crafting systems, there are many different types of worker buildings which can be unlocked at different tiers of progression opening players up to a wide range of new game play options.

these are covered in detail in Worker Systems


Castle Buildings

This building type is used to create the main home for players and is what will be used to protect their banner as well as their re-spawn points. 

this section of the players base could be considered as the most important part, they have complete control over how they wish it to look. 

To give the player this freedom the castle will be built in a grid system using different size pieces that consist of foundations, doorways, windows and walls among others. 

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