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The underlying philosophy behind the fighting system is that it is easy to learn and hard to master. 


The system consists of several attacks the player can undertake. The system also allows for a “Combo” attack by initiating an attack at the end of another.


These attacks include;


Primary Slash  - Reverse Slash


  Primary Overhead - Reverse Overhead 


   Primary Stab -  Reverse Stab 


 Primary Underarm - Reverse Underarm


By using a modifier key the side the attack starts on will be switched


By moving your mouse along the line of an attack that has already been initiated you can either speed/slow the attack up/down depending on the direction. This mechanic would be used to trick your opponent into committing to a block too early or too late resulting in their block either dropping before the attack lands or vice versa.


Another aspect of melee combat is the ability for players to “feint” an attack. This feature functions by allowing players to cancel an attack, before it has entered into a “committed” swinging or stabbing state. The point of this feature is the “throw off” timing from a player's block. If an enemy player blocks too soon, they are left open and vulnerable to


 We are aware of the issues that arise with feinting mechanics and that they can usually become too overpowered, we hope to solve these issues with weapon sizes altering the effectiveness of feinting, eliminating any ability to one shot someone after a feint.

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