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Developer Update #2

Hey Friends.

As always thank you kindly for the on-going support and enthusiasm for Project Renown. Here's the latest Devblog. This week we’ll be covering the Goremesh progress, our Tier 1 Armour redesign, and briefly covering our weapon design process and logic. We’ve also got the word from Mr Z himself, on how the combat systems are progressing.

Keep an eye out for a new video featuring siege equipment that's in the works.

If you’d like to support the Project, please show our stuff to anyone you think might like it. The more we can grow our discord, the quicker we’ll be able to get to player testing.

Thanks again for your support.


The goremesh system is progressing nicely. One of the challenges that have hit both the programming and arts departments is Gore/Armour integration. In this case the armour system needs certain adaptations so that it doesn't interfere with the gore system. You can see part of the process in the below photo. We’ll update you next time how this challenge is progressing.

Our team decided to do a redesign on tier 1. This is because it was not inline with the look of our other sets in the progression system. We want a distinctive look for each Tier so that players can clearly see what they’re up against, when in battle. This specific tier of armour is being modeled on late antiquity, early dark age references, and will likely have a scaled or padded chest piece attached for the final product. The below images are work in progress blockouts of the new armour set. Expect to see a Gif showing it off when it's ready.

As you might have seen in our media, we’re planning on having several tiers of gear available to the players as they progress on a server. As such we need matching weapon sets to go alongside. The below photos are some WIP shots of some of the swords from tiers 2 and 3. Our current focus is on modeling and texturing all the swords of each tier first. This will allow us to start balancing against the armour systems. After which we’ll be moving onto some of the distinctive weapons of the period/s such as Polarms, Spears and the like.


The following section is written by Mr Z, the Lead Programmer and Combat Designer.

The melee combat is heavily inspired by titles like Mordhau and Chivalry Medieval Warfare. In future dev blogs I will go into further details about the combat systems, today we’ll talk about collision testing.

Melee Combat in Renown is a crucial part of the game and one of the most important aspects of having a good melee combat system is having reliable hit detection. The following image is a demonstration of the collision testing done when players swing their weapons around. Many games specifically neglect hit detection for melee attacks, however as can be seen, the collision testing is extremely detailed and will follow the weapon around accurately.

There are many systems that come together to form the combat in Renown, in following dev blogs I will talk more about the fundamentals that make up the gameplay.

*Disclaimer: the animations are an early placeholder and will be changed in the future*

As always our team thanks you very much for the support and passion for Project Renown. It keeps our team going.

Till next Time.


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