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Developer Update #4 Texture optimization and Combat Update

Hello friends

Sorry about the slight delay getting our latest Dev Update out. We’ve been hard at work on several areas of development. Today we’ll be discussing how we’ve been optimising our textures with Trim sheets and Layered Materials. Mr Z. will also be taking you through the latest steps down the road to Combat Testing. As always thank you very much for your ongoing support. If you’ve got mates who might like our project, please don't forget to send them an invite to our discord:

Trim Sheets and Layered Materials

In our original workflow, every building piece had its own individual texture. Many of the textures you’ve seen already were made very early in development. This method is not very efficient. One of our teams recent advances is to transition from this workflow towards Trim Sheets, Layered Materials and masks. By employing these methods, it reduces the total number of textures by reversing our workflow, so that the object is made to the textures, instead of the texture being created per asset.

This means that it greatly optimises the game by reducing how many textures are loaded on the server. This helps to allow for higher quality textures on the assets as a result. It also allows for far greater control due to it being a non-destructive workflow. By only having to alter a single texture we’re able to make large changes quickly and with continuity.

Previously if we wanted to add an individual element of detail to a texture or change a material entirely, it would require us to go back and remake the original texture with the change for each asset. For example if we wanted to add a scratched variant to all weapons, it could be done, but it would need to be repeated again and again to create new results for each weapon. By using Trim sheets, Layered Materials and Masks we can change and add small details to the every asset with ease allowing for a non destructive workflow while also allowing us to have much better performance across the board.

Here are a couple of examples of this new method, the texture resolution in the chainmail has increased drastically and our ability to add damage effects such as rust and dirt can be seen as well.


Work on the animations have continued for the siege equipment here are some short clips of them.

Combat Update:

Following Section is written by Mr. Z

The combat has seen much progress since last update. It is finally to the point where it can be considered playable in multiplayer. In the last few weeks the development team has been testing the combat internally to find the most obvious bugs and balance problems. As soon as we are confident the combat gameplay is solid enough we will begin introducing private alpha testers to help us take the combat to the next level. One of the main things preventing us from showing the combat at this point is that the combat animations are very placeholder looking. These coming weeks we will be working on making new combat animations to do the game justice. Our combat playtests have been mostly free of game breaking bugs so we are very optimistic for the future. That being said it is still the early days for combat but we are more confident than ever about it.

On the animation front, we are making a new Rig for our Character. Here is a work in progress image.

On behalf of our team, I'd like to say another big thank you again for your support and encouragement. Till next time.


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