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Developer Update #6 On the road to Crowdfunding

Hello Friends

Apologies for the lack of content recently. For the last few months we’ve been putting all our energy into development. That said we’re very close to showing off some of our progress to you.

Firstly, I'm very happy to announce that our first combat video will be coming within the next few weeks. One thing to consider about a small indi team, is even a seemingly simple task like “make a video”, requires all hands to assist. This means development itself slows.

Hopefully this will change, if we’re able to fund the project. If you’ve been in the community a while, you might have noticed, we aren't currently, and haven't been taking donations beyond $3 USD a month. Thank you again for the kind support from these long standing patrons. Don't worry, you won't be forgotten.

Basically with the support of the community, we’re hoping to run a crowdfunding campaign in the very near future. More details of the specifics will be listed soon. For the previous year and more, our team has worked out of pocket. We’ve tried our best with funding bodies and the like, but we always knew we might need to seek support from the community. With your help, we can bring this game to release.

Part of the reason we settled on the modular approach is due to the combat systems not only being central to overall gameplay, but also a fun thing in its own right. The team is already having a blast in our testing sessions, but even if we do think it's fun, it's not presentable enough for sale yet.

As detailed in the above dev blogs, we’re hoping to mix game modes into our testing process, so that players are having fun, as we build the game into its survival form. If you’d like to support the project in the meantime, please send our discord to anyone you think might be interested.

As always thank you very much for your ongoing support.

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