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Project Renown (or Renown) is a multiplayer survival experience set in a vast and ever changing medieval world. Players start in the world with nothing, gather resources, build a kingdom and fight to survive in the hopes of becoming renowned across the land. 


At its core, Renown is a first person pvp medieval fighter, with a strong emphasis on competitive skill based combat. Renown takes the most enjoyable aspects from contemporary open world survival games which include Building, Progression and Social politics. We then combine them with the close quarter, skill based combat to create an immersive and engaging multiplayer experience.





Project renown started as the passion project of a small group of gamers with a history in business and game development, They dreamt of a game that brought their shared love of survivals and medieval fighters into one place. As time went on this passion project began to gain traction and as more developers came on board RDBK was born and the development of project renown became a full time venture. 


RDBK is based in Melbourne Australia, consisting of a small team of 5 pooling together their skills and talent to create games they have always wished to play.



Released Features

More Information

If you would like more information regarding the development of renown and planned features feel free to contact us.

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