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Raiding - Pillaging/Sieging


One problem renowns raiding system seeks to avoid is to discourage players from primarily attacking their opponents when they are offline, without entirely preventing this option. As such players will be able to “Pillage” an enemy. 




This option for raiding allows players to attack an enemy at any time, if they are online or offline. However players are limited in key areas of damage. Firstly the attacking players can only damage the outer walls, gates and village areas of the base, to a limited extent. This will be balanced so that players can damage walls enough to gain entry, but not destroy them. This is likewise for gates and gate houses. Players will also be able to damage village structures, rendering them inoperable until repaired, but not removing the work done. 




If someone wishes to take full control of an enemy's banner and own their land or just turn their castle to rubble the Enemy must have a certain number of players online, if they dont have the required numbers online they must first declare war, to declare war at least one player from the group you are planning on attacking must be currently online at the time of the declaration. The declaring group must set a time for the war to take place, the minimum time before the war can take place is one hour from the point of declaration all the way up to a day or two. 

Once the war commences whether or not the group is online the attacking group has full ability to destroy and or take control of their banner resulting in assimilation of that kingdom into their own. 


Two groups that are currently at war do not gain negative renown (see Renown System) for killing each other during that time and any renown gained is considered honorable. 

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