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Renown System

The Renown system seeks to replicate medieval honour in a way players can collect. Certain statistics are recorded through player actions (combat skills, building, farming), feats (Server firsts) and group activities (Conquests, Land holdings, group participation). These stats are used to represent a player or groups overall standing is various elements of gameplay. For example, some players/groups may only care about achieving combat renown, while others might care about farming/building renown. 


These stats are then presented to all players in multiple, clear ways. Firstly the main market will always have a top selection of players on display. This could be through placement of clan logos, and billboards displaying the groups/individuals top renowned achievements. 

Likewise players will always have access to a renown screen, in the UI. This will feed players with information regarding their own position and that of others. 

Another option for the renown system is to add a progression system based on moral activities undertaken by the player. Certain actions within the game can be designated as honourable or otherwise. 

For example, players will have the option to “challenge” other players before combat, as opposed to ambushing or surprising them. If the player then wins the fight they gain more “honourable renown” then they otherwise would have. 


Based on this system of moral/honour driven interaction, players then progress down either a moral or amoral set of cosmetic gear choices, alongside titles and other cosmetic effects. For example limiting certain skins for items to only being “amoral” while other items are only for honourable players. Another example would be to reserve certain player titles (Count, Emperor ect) based on renown standings.


That said, the renown system will in no way change or hinder the players ability to do what they wish to do, it is only a tracker to add a competitive sense to the open world game that is renown. Likewise it seeks to heighten the connection the player feels with their character, group and the game as a whole. 

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